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We are a team of freelance writers with wide ranging editorial experience across many subjects.

Freelance Writers was founded by David Nicholson, a London based freelance journalist and writer. David has many years’ editorial experience writing substantial publications on a range of specialist subjects including travel, politics, business, energy, technology and transport.

David has assembled a highly qualified freelance copywriters and freelance journalists to work at Freelance Writers. Many of us have postgraduate degrees and studied at Oxbridge. Our academic background means that we are able to research complex topics with confidence: we are rigorous and methodical in our writing.

At Freelance Writers we write informative, engaging and accessible editorial even when dealing with difficult, involved and technical subject matter to create unique articles and original content.

We are equally happy writing for specialists and for the general public - we have plenty of experience in both fields.

Whatever the subject, we always produce original copy of the highest quality.

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